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AVStrike is dedicated computer security software. Our main motive is to help customers stay safe online. We accomplish
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31 July 2014

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When we talk about cyber security from a perspective of an average computer user, threats emerging from the internet seem to dominate the conversation. An average computer user, including children, are open to variety of online threats from phishing attacks to malicious websites that contain virus ridden downloads. Now if you are looking to protect your family against internet threats then you should invest in the AVstrike Antivirus 2.03 application. Besides protecting your system it can also be used to protect Smartphones and other handheld devices that run on the Android platform.

Taking a cue from the fact that most families today are connected on the internet and use social networking sites, the AVstrike Antivirus 2.03 application tries to offer you a safe browsing experience. It comes with features to protect your children from myriad of threats and offers you powerful parental controls to restrict their internet usage or even block mature content. The tool can monitor social sites and prevent unauthorized modification to your FaceBook wall and remains vigilant for browser based malware. In fact it has a powerful browser security feature that prevents tracking and protects you from malicious programs. Now if you are unsure about a particular site that you plan to open, you can count on the tool to offer you accurate web safety advice. It can let you know the quantum of risk that is associated with opening a certain website. The application is supported by a qualified technical support team that you can always contact in case of an issue.

In light of our positive experience in using the AVstrike Antivirus 2.03 application, we mark it with a score of four rating stars for its overall efficiency and ease of use. The application is highly recommended for parents of teenagers whose browsing habits need to be controlled.

Publisher's description

AVStrike brings its focus on user's security in every possible way. AVStrike emphasize on network security, parental control, cyber protection and other online dangers.
Social Network Protection: This social network protection technology monitors your social networking account for photos, comments, etc. It protects your wall from any possible cyber danger, hacking attacks or malware intrusion.
Parental Control: With this feature, you have more control on what your kids do online. You can create multiple Windows users and for every role, you can categorize content over net and assign which URL a particular user has access to. You can also restrict the time of internet usage and bar your children from viewing adult content.
Android Security: Along with protecting your computer system from viruses and malwares, AVStrike also protects your smart phones running on Android OS. It protects your phones, PDAs and tablets against viruses, hackers, loss or theft. It can also block unwanted messages and calls.
Easy Access to Support: For any problem with AVStrike, our technical assistance is just a call away. We aim at providing a comprehensive and user-friendly environment where your problems are resolved in no time. When issues arise and you are not sure what to do with it, you can call our experts for help.
Web Safety Advisory: With our Safety advisor, users get informed whether the site is safe for browsing. If not, how much risk is associated with the site. This gives user the idea whether they can visit the site or they should stay away from it.
Browser Tracking Blocker: It is an anti-tracking tool. It is much more than a cookie blocker as it also takes care of the methods of tracking.
Browser Security: With browser security, AVStrike make sure that your web browser is safe from malwares and any network vulnerabilities. Your web browser faces maximum cyber threat and therefore securing it is important to bar malwares from entering into your computer.
AVstrike Antivirus
AVstrike Antivirus
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